FAQ – Working with a Holistic Nutritionist

How would I benefit from working with a Nutritionist?

Working with a Nutritionist, especially one who is focused on holistic nutrition, may be one of the most life-changing and life-enhancing decisions you will ever make. Part of my job is to educate my clients on how they can transform their health, and ultimately their life, by properly fueling the complex machine that is their body. I will evaluate your current dietary patterns, lifestyle, existing health issues and symptoms, and identify specific changes that are required for your body to get back on track, begin to heal and eventually perform optimally.

What should I expect during my initial consultation?

Initial consultations are conducted by phone or Skype. Depending on your health issues and the number of forms and questionnaires I asked you to complete, I will spend on average about 3 hours analyzing and evaluating the information you provided prior to our first session. I evaluate your entire health history, assess current health and lifestyle issues, and if food logs are provided, a nutrient analysis is performed utilizing a  state-of-the-art software program.

During our consultation, we will review the written nutrition and supplement  protocol that I prepared for you,  which will include dietary, lifestyle, detoxification, and supplementation recommendations. I will help guide you on finding appropriate, cost-effective sources to purchase supplements (Supplements are not included in consultation fees).

Do I need to discontinue medications or treatments I am receiving from my doctor?

No, in fact, I encourage you to keep doing what you’ve been doing. I am not a medical doctor and will not make recommendations regarding prescription drugs or treatments prescribed by your doctor.  However, many clients experience enough improvement in their health and symptoms that, over time, they are able to discontinue some or all of their medications.

Is your dietary program hard to do?

I hate to sound vague, but that depends on you. Your food preferences, eating patterns, lifestyle, stress levels, — and to some degree, the amount of support you will have from friends and family — all play a part in how easy or difficult this will be for you. But, by far the most important factor is your determination.

When I began my nutrition program several years ago, I was at a low point with my MS symptoms and was willing to do a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g to regain my health. How fiercely do you want to be well again? Can you envision having good health in your future?

If your answer to those two questions is “extremely” and “YES”, then you should contact me right away to get started! If you aren’t sure about your answers, or can’t quite envision a healthy future for yourself, then I would recommend starting with one or more coaching/educational sessions before we develop and implement a nutrition strategy for you.

How long will I need to stay on the dietary program?

My goal is to help you improve your health to the point where you can’t imagine ever going back to your old way of eating. After all, it is your old way of eating that is a major contributing factor to the current state of your health. To answer this question more directly, I will say that the length of time varies considerably based on the individual and their current health status. For people with an autoimmune condition, it will usually take about two years. It took me very close to three years before I was symptom-free, but I was able to stop most of my medications after the first six months. I have had clients who were able to rid themselves of symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or adrenal fatigue in about six months.

What is your opinion about the use of supplements?

My opinion about supplements is that most people can benefit a great deal from using them, but they must be chosen with care. In most cases, I am not brand-specific with supplement recommendations, but they are a regular part of my evaluation and recommendations for most individuals.

As supplements go, “more is NOT necessarily better”.  Supplements that are of poor quality, and/or contain fillers, dyes, toxic or pro-inflammatory substances, are often very poorly absorbed in the body, which means you are receiving little or no benefit from them. In addition to offering no benefit, depending on the fillers or other ingredients in them, they could contribute to a health issue you are working hard to correct.  For more information about supplements, please refer to my Blog post on this topic.

What if I am not willing to give up [fill in your comfort food of choice] ?

I am a holistic nutrition consultant, so by definition I’m going to try to get you away from all the harmful crap you’re eating every day. However, the goal here is NOT to make you so miserable with the food you eat that you run for the hills clutching a giant-size bag of M & M’s, vowing never again to let the word “holistic” fall from your lips!

For most people, we can work gradually to adjust your diet, but the more eliminations and changes you’re willing to adopt right away, the faster you will start to notice a difference. Particularly for chronic disease sufferers in the beginning stages of a dietary program, even a small amount of an inflammatory food or substance can trigger an unpleasant response or cause a set-back. But — to a reasonable degree, we will work around your food preferences and tolerance levels. I’ll teach you how to get yourself healthy. Ultimately, it’s up to you to make the choices and do the work while working with a nutritionist.

What if I don’t live within driving distance to you?

It is not necessary for us to meet in person.  I work with clients from all over the U.S. by phone or Skype.  It is efficient, cost-effective, and makes it easy to work our sessions into your hectic schedule.

Can I afford this?

I hope you will figure out what I did a few years ago, that I couldn’t afford NOT to do it.

Your poor health is costing you a lot, and in ways you may not even be thinking about right now….impact on your job, ability to engage with friends and family, feeling exhausted all the time….

When I was ill with MS, I felt like I was becoming more and more separated from my life.

There’s a price you pay for limping along through life feeling sick and miserable, not to mention the out of pocket costs for ongoing laboratory testing, pharmaceutical drugs, appointments with specialists….the list goes on.  The sad reality is, for many people, you will spend all that money and your health will be no better off for it in the long run.

There is no better time than right now to make YOU and your health a priority.

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