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cure-297557_1280My focus as a nutritionist…

over the last few years is a real departure from my career in the corporate world.
If any of you believe as I do that there are no coincidences in life, you will understand how most of my life and career experiences have led me to exactly where I am today.  And I couldn’t be happier or more excited about the direction my life has taken me, in spite of the somewhat bumpy road I took to get here!

Shocking News – Part 1

What led me here was two jarring, unexpected changes in my life.  Around the summer of 2006, I lost a prestigious position with a mega-global player in the software development and processing business.  Because of a corporate re-organization, the career that I had worked so hard at cultivating, and from which I derived so much pride and fulfillment, suddenly had ended. In spite of the crushing blow to my self-esteem and finances, I had every intention of regrouping and getting back in the game until —

Shocking News – Part 2

A few short months after learning I had lost my job, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  At the time, I didn’t really understand what MS was.  Being a fairly hard-core “Type A” personality, I figured I could do what I always did when a health issue crept up on me…I’d ignore it. But “not so fast” my doctors said. “This isn’t like having a cold.  You can’t ignore this”.

The big news-flash for me was learning that no one knows what causes MS or how to cure it, doctors treat the various symptoms with medications, and oh, by the way, it’s incurable. We’re taught to believe in our doctors, so when they told me I had an incurable disease, I believed them.

Desperation Leads to Determination

I continued to believe my doctors for about 5-1/2 years. Five and a half years of dealing with life-altering symptoms, and then a major MS attack hit that shook me up.  I remember saying to my husband, “If MS can do THAT, then I need to get aggressive and find a way to help myself. If I don’t do something, this disease is going to take me ‘down’.”

That was a turning point for me.  Funny how things work in life.  Once I became desperate and started searching for alternative treatments, amazingly, I started to find them.

I USED to Have an Incurable Disease

What I discovered in my searching is there are people — including medical doctors, research scientists, and others in the healthcare profession — who are passionate in their belief that nutrition can be used as medicine. They believe that many of the so-called “incurable” diseases can be reversed.   Among them, were individuals who were personally afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis.

I got in touch with one of those individuals and asked for help. Today I feel 99% cured of my so-called “incurable” disease due to a 3-year-long nutrition program and the guidance of one of those very wise individuals.

There’s Only One Thing Left to Do

My experiences have been my inspiration and motivation to complete an educational curriculum in Holistic Nutrition and become board certified.  With great passion, I have joined the ranks of thousands of healthcare practitioners who want to help others improve their health and extend their lives by changing what they eat.  I want others to know that they do not have to loose precious years of their lives struggling with an “incurable” disease….focus on nutrition.

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