Insightful and Effective

I approached Barbara Rodgers to help optimize my diet to try to improve minor health issues with chronic cold-like symptoms and eczema, which I was dealing with over years. The issues suggested an allergic response to something in my environment and I suspected diet was a factor, but I never made the connection to all of the foods in my diet that could be causing these issues. Barbara was very thorough in documenting my diet and overall health to design a nutrition plan tailored to my goals. Within 3 months, my symptoms had largely subsided. Thanks very much to Barbara whose passion for nutrition and client dedication really helped me to achieve better health!

Ryan P.Lincoln, NEAugust 29, 2016

You Inspired Me

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and the inspiration you provided me — on many different levels!! I don’t feel like I would be where I am now if it wasn’t for you. So– thank you, so much….

Anna H.San Diego, CAAugust 29, 2016

Has Been An Inspiration

I have had a professional relationship with Barbara Rodgers since 2006 and have witnessed the ways in which she has transformed her life in the pursuit of greater health and well being. With insightful discernment and determination, she has successfully incorporated the use of adjunct holistic and nutritional therapies into her own daily life, and has been an inspiration to those around her.

Barbara is an intelligent and mature woman with innate curiosity and staunch professionalism. Her experience in business and management are solid assets in terms of her ability to navigate her role as a Nutrition Consultant, and will help her immeasurably in her goal to help others improve their health status through holistic nutritional protocols.

Denise Straiges CCH, RSHom(NA)Director and Head of Clinical Affairs
Centre for Homeopathic Education, NYC
July 29, 2015

Dedicated, educated, passionate.

I recommend Barbara Rodgers’ services to help get you educated and healthy. Barbara utilized my services to tackle multiple sclerosis. Her diligence and tenacity not only paid off toward getting healthy again, but led to awakening her passion to help others heal. She is dedicated, educated, passionate, and knows the root causes to help you get healthy, feel energized, and live a life full of vitality!

Ann Boroch, C.N.C., NaturopathAward winning author of Healing Multiple Sclerosis & The Candida CureApril 28, 2015

Knowledge, Understanding & Patience

I have been eating healthy for all 40 years of my adult life……or so I thought. Plagued with debilitating migraine headaches since the age of 20, I had tried every healing modality I could find to rid myself of the agonizing headaches that would occur almost weekly. Having worked with a neurologist (clearly a case of nerve impingement), acupuncturist (clearly a case of blocked chi), homeopath (clearly a case of an imbalance in my vital force), and 5 chiropractors (this adjustment will eliminate headaches), there did not appear to be anything that would at least reduce the frequency and severity of my headaches.

When I spoke with Barbara for the first time, she of course inquired about my diet. I confidently told her my diet was very healthy and balanced and couldn’t possibly be the cause of my migraines. Nonetheless, I recorded my food & drink intake so she could evaluate it. In anticipation of our next appointment, I was feeling rather smug “knowing” that Barb would have to admit that my diet was great and there was no need for me to change it at all. It was going to be a very short appointment!

….Barbara broke the news to me gently: not only was my diet not great, it was seriously lacking in many ways. She demonstrated knowledge, understanding, and patience, as she explained her dietary recommendations that would likely help with headaches.

I readily incorporated her suggestions, and within a month it became apparent that my headaches had already decreased in frequency. After 3 months (still following the diet plan Barb had given me), my headaches are essentially gone unless I eat/drink too much of something that is disallowed on my diet.

It is still amazing to me that the health professional that virtually eliminated the pain and suffering I had endured for so many years, was a nutritionist. I have come to realize that the science of nutrition has evolved well beyond the basic food group approach we have all been taught in high school. My gratitude to Barbara for her help and expertise will stay with me for the rest of my life!

Cindy G.Geigertown, PAJanuary 22, 2015

Genuine Passion Fuels Success with Clients

She gets it!

As a business professional, Barb empathized with my desire to get healthy while staying focused. Although I have a pretty fair understanding of nutrition, Barb was able to break it down further to help me fully assess what I was putting into my body versus what my body actually needs.

Her assessments are thorough while her Nutrition Strategies are comprehensive. All of our communication was done via phone or email so it fit perfectly with my busy schedule. There is no doubt that her genuine passion for health and nutrition fuels her success with her clients.

If you are seeking a way to gain more energy, lose weight, sleep better, and eat healthier, then consider working with Barb towards reaching your goals.

Thanks for all your help!

Rebecca G.Lansing, MIJanuary 4, 2015

A Nutrition Consultant of the Highest Degree

Of all the students I have taught over the years, Barbara Rodgers is, without a doubt, the most motivated student I have had! When motivation is combined with a bright mind, you get someone who will succeed, no matter what. That is Barbara!

Out of her own healing journey, she has blossomed into a nutrition consultant of the highest degree. When Barbara takes on a client case, you know she will leave no stone unturned in her research and in pulling together a program to meet the client’s needs.

I would absolutely recommend Barbara to anyone seeking a natural approach to health!

Ramona RichardsProfessor, Hawthorn University
San Francisco, CA.
January 2, 2015

Attention to Detail

For many years I have had a problem with constipation but found a supplement that worked well for me. And a few years ago I learned how to control my Grave’s Disease (caused by a hyper-thyroid) by avoiding specific foods and vitamins in my organic diet. But more recently I began experiencing several gastro-intestinal issues with low energy that was progressively getting worse while I was unable to find a correction.

I presented to Barbara Rodgers symptoms of more than one imbalance, and had to stay within parameters of what a Graves body will and will not accept. The research and “attention to detail” that Barbara gave to my case was stellar.

It was certainly worth all the detailed information I had to provide to her, and worth a few weeks of adjusting to dietary changes.

Barbara took my whole person into consideration, not just one condition. She explained each recommendation she made and its value to my health; whether it was a food, vitamin, supplement, blood test or doctor consultation.

She stayed in contact with me, which helped me stay on course. Slow, steady progress and my gastro-intestinal issues are gone. And I feel better than I have in years. People even comment that I look healthier. I like the dietary changes and food recommendations.

Thank you, Barbara!

Katherine W.Naples, FLNovember 9, 2014

Incredibly Effective

I recently contacted Barb Rodgers about a few different health issues that I was experiencing. Barb really took the time to understand my concerns and what I was looking to “fix”.

Based on numerous conversations and evaluations, Barb was able to recommend a course of action to address these issues. Each and every recommendation that she made was incredibly effective in addressing my issues.

By pursuing this course of action, I was able to avoid at least one invasive procedure that one of my doctor’s had recommended.

Thank you, Barb!

Sean M.Norristown, PANovember 7, 2014

Terrific Resource

Barb is a terrific resource for anyone wanting guidance on how to use nutrition to get healthy again. I’ve been amazed at how changing what I eat could make such a huge difference in how I feel!

Barb uses empathy, insight and her considerable knowledge about nutrition to make recommendations that apparently were what my body needed. I’m so grateful to have her as a resource!

Val J.Clearwater, FLNovember 7, 2014

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